A Sword & Sorcery colony survival game
centered on the reconstruction
of an ancient ruined temple.

How do Nice UI in Bevy?!?

Bevy, a popular game engine written in the Rust programming language, uses a very capable low level UI layout engine called taffy. Taffy provides Bevy with a facility for defining the relative positions, sizes, and behavior of UI boxes using a CSS style flex-box model. Bevy does not yet provide a high level interface for authoring UI or any kind of layout editor. To make things more complicated...

Strike the Earth!

Hello everyone, we're a band of three game developers from Las Vegas and Montreal working on a computer game called Architect of Ruin. This is the first of a series of regular posts that share our progress in developing the game and lay out a roadmap for the project's design. We started working on this game last November, inspired by old D&D modules like the Temple of Elemental Evil and the...

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