Sometimes we have to draw the very sad things. We never said building a Temple to Ultimate Evil was going to be all flowers and sunshine.


Since implementing the farming feature, we've realized that the Wheat assets were too detailed and difficult to interpret. Here's an improved version that's less noisy, uses a better color coding, and introduces two new growth stages: Dry and Dead. Remember to keep your crops watered!


Using Bevy's AsyncComputeTaskPool to find the shortest path to any destination among a set of potential destinations without blocking the main thread. Rust is neat!

// Find the shortest path to any tile in a set of tiles.
fn calculate_shortest_path(
    start: TilePos,
    destinations: HashSet,
    tilemap_id: TilemapId,
) -> Result>, HommletError> {
    // Resolve the operation asynchronously.
    let async_task = AsyncComputeTaskPool::get().spawn(async move {
        // For each destination tile, calculate a path.
        // Then, find the shortest path.
            .scope(|s| {
                destinations.iter().for_each(|&destination| {
                    s.spawn(async move { path_to_tile(tilemap_id, start, destination) })
            .min_by_key(|path| path.nodes.len())


Spent a couple days this week working on basic farming. We don't expect the cult will farm wheat for long, but it makes for a good start.


We're experimenting with a new character style!